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Designers, urban planners, and architects are aware that public space is essential to the people’s quality of life and are looking to make most of the public space available.

Elements for public spaces include urban equipment, seating areas, artificial greenery, playground requisites, lighting, signage, and many more.

Outdoor elements custom-made

Most often, outdoor elements have a functional purpose, and sometimes they are purely decorative, such as a sculptural piece or other art installation. In any case, BSC Custom can provide you with the best advice, solution, and of course the final rendering of the project. We’ve been commissioned to various projects such as the Rail Swing (urban project),  Leaf  Canopy outdoor sculpture, 3d Signage (a solar powered sign), and of course custom lighting.

leaf canopy sculpture installation

Leaf Canopy Outdoor Sculpture Installation

A custom and unique fit for your project

“Function comes first” is a common saying in architecture, but design and comfort come right next to it. The challenge arises when some elements planned in the original design do not correlate with the urban equipment that is available on pre-made serial (mass) production. For example, for a public square, you may need a bicycle rack that would match ideally with the benches or the public lighting, or follow a certain curve in design that will perfectly fit the location’s size and shape.

There’s a continuous strive among urban planners in improving public spaces because they are an essential part of the public’s everyday life, and represent the character of a city or another urban community.

rail swings, custom specialty fabrication

Public Space Project: Rail Swings

Specialty Fabrication and Custom Lighting by BSC Custom

Close collaboration between architects on one side and manufacturers on the other is crucial, and our designers and production team perfectly understand this. We are very happy with our diverse portfolio of projects and are eager to expand it furthermore. Contact us to get started planning and working on your next custom piece.


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