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When it comes to beautiful design elements that can be made by BSC Custom, yards and outdoor spaces are no exceptions!

Whether for personal use in residential areas, or for business and public areas, outdoor elements really contribute to the overall concept and impression for the owners, visitors and clients.

Custom Outdoor Elements for Your Yard or Public Space

Timnath Ranch sign

Timnath Ranch sign, stone post with a roof

Thinking about turning your yard into a more picturesque place to be? Fencing and railing do not have to be generic and monotonous. With rock work, landscape architects and designers can achieve specific yet natural looking backyards and elements – outdoor stairs, patios, retaining walls, entryways… Because we also work with wrought iron, a combination of these two materials can be made at one place – for example – a stone wall with crafted ornaments made of wrought iron or other metalwork. Even custom 3d signage, some unique art detail or your logo can be attached to the entryway or on the fence itself.

Denver Hospice shade and artificial trees

Denver Hospice shade and artificial trees

Other environmental elements that we fabricate are artificial greenery and foliage. Since many of the natural decorative (and costly) trees can be affected by inappropriate weather or require specific climate, landscape architects sometimes turn to fabricating that special foliage.

Custom-Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

A space is never completely designed without proper lighting. Backyard and outdoor lighting comes in many forms – ground (patio) lights, wall mounted fixtures, small lanterns and candelabras, and even chandeliers! Impress your guests with a beautiful custom-made suspended light at the entryway! Create harmony and art with crafted fixtures made from glass, copper, bronze or other material in a way that will fit the surrounding – but also stand out from the rest.

Pradera lighting project, exterior pendant lamps

Pradera lighting project, exterior pendant lamps

Specialty fabrication and custom-made elements such as lighting are what we excel at. Our enthusiastic team has collaborated with many developers and architects to help them construct different elements for various purposes and occasions.



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