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Did you know that BSC Signs has a new division? We are very proud to introduce BSC Custom Architectural and Lighting. This new venture will focus on creating custom lighting and architectural elements.

We moved into new offices in July, launched the website in August, and we’re now up and running at full capacity.

The division began operations in April with the arrival of Doug Brown, the manager of BSC Custom Architectural and Lighting. Doug has more than 15 years of experience in the sign and lighting industry, with a focus on the production of architectural elements and custom lighting fixtures. Doug has extensive experience working with Architects and other design professionals. We’ll be introducing you to our full creative team in future blog posts. 

BSC Custom - Metro Denver Colorado


BSC Custom and BSC Signs share a large production facility in Broomfield, Colorado. We’re located in the northwest area of Metro Denver, along the Denver-Boulder corridor. We have an extremely well equipped production facility with four drive up doors, two docks, two paint booths, an automated channel letter machine, MultiCam CNC routers, specialty welding equipment, a full complement of metalworking gear, and much more! 

BSC Custom - Metro Denver, Colorado

Walk out on the shop floor and you’ll see architectural and lighting projects being fabricated, and completed projects ready for delivery. BSC Custom is adding an entirely new lineup of services to the existing sign-making capabilities of BSC Signs. Working together we are a very capable creative force.  While BSC Signs continues to design, fabricate, and install all kinds of commercial signage, BSC Custom will have a narrower focus, creating architectural elements and lighting for the commercial market. Services include custom fabrication of specialty lighting fixtures, architectural elements, and illuminated signage.

BSC Custom project photos


And what exactly are “architectural elements”?  These are the unique parts and components that architects use to give a building its style. At BSC Custom, it refers to custom-built lighting fixtures, specialty signage, and unique objects such as metal sculptures and monuments.

Here’s an example. We recently completed an Aspen tree project for Denver Hospice. In the photo below you can see some Aspen trees in front of the building. Those trees are actually custom architectural elements, designed and fabricated by BSC Custom. Each leaf is custom made, and our artists have achieved a very realistic look for the trees’ branches and trunks. The end result is a very pleasing grove of Aspen trees that can be enjoyed all year long. 

BSC Custom Denver Hospice Aspen Tree Installation


BSC Custom Aspen Tree

 Custom lighting fixtures can be used to create a distinctive touch to spaces. In this photo an illuminated glass sphere with elegant metal trim was created for AMG National Trust Bank in Colorado. It was installed in August 2015.

BSC Custom Light Fixture   


Designers use architectural elements in many different ways, depending on the building or development. Their aim is to create visually beautiful designs that are unique, memorable, and add that WOW!  factor to projects. 

 Here’s a description from our website: 

Your projects are unique and architecturally significant, with many features cohesively intertwined to create a unique experience in the built environment. Inspired buildings and developments may have many, or just one custom element that reflects the character of the overall scheme… an illuminated feature as part of a streetscaping plan, an iconic obelisk for a business park or a large-scale chandelier for a grand hotel. 


BSC Custom Lighting Fixture

Here’s a short video that shows the range of architectural and lighting projects that BSC Custom is able to produce.



Imagine for a moment that you’re an Architect, working on a large commercial development in Denver. You have a great idea for a distinctive architectural element for the entrance area, but who do you ask to build it? That’s where BSC Custom excels, working with designers to create elements that bring a distinctive flair to projects. BSC Custom works collaboratively with Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, and Developers.

BSC Custom Blog 02

BSC Custom assists these design professionals with everything from consulting on designs to custom fabrication and installation. And being under the same roof as BSC Signs adds a powerful and convenient resource — access to the experience and technical know-how of Denver’s premier full service sign company.


The team at BSC Custom understands the creative process, and works collaboratively with design professionals to bring their ideas to life.

Clients may have detailed CAD drawings, a design sketch, or they may want to discuss a concept they’ve been thinking about. Using powerful visualization tools,  BSC Custom’s designers can turn a rough idea into a 3D model. And from there the discussion can turn to the practicalities of materials, permitting, and budget.

Sometimes a project calls for the careful selection of commercial light fixtures, while another project may have a budget that allows for custom elements to be designed and built.  Either way, BSC Custom is UL 1598 certified to build and install commercial lighting.

Here are some design drawings and a photo of a completed light fixture that was recently hanging in our shop, ready for delivery. It’s just one of many custom light fixtures BSC Custom has created for the Latinicity market in Chicago, the latest project by Richard Sandoval Restaurants. If you’re a foodie, you probably are very familiar with Richard Sandoval. He operates a stellar collection of restaurants that span the globe, from New York to Dubai and Tokyo. And he recently moved to Denver!

This is a project that we’ll be describing in greater detail in future blog posts.

BSC Custom Lighting Fixture



BSC Signs will continue its focus on helping businesses in Colorado with signage, while BSC Custom will be offering its architectural and lighting services in Colorado and across the country. As was mentioned above, a large project is underway in Chicago’s theatre district, and projects in other cities are being developed. It helps that we’re located near one of the largest airline hubs in the United States – Denver International Airport. 

And of course a large portion of BSC Custom’s projects will be in Metro Denver and other Front Range cities.


BSC Signs is committed to keeping our customers informed about our services and updated about recent projects. Following our commitment to a strong web prescence, we’ve created this separate website for BSC Custom Architectural and Lighting.  We invite you to explore the site, take a look at the photo galleries and gain a sense of our design vision and capabilities.

The site went live at the beginning of August. We hope you’ll follow our blog, where we’ll be writing about industry trends, showing you examples of projects, and giving you design ideas.


So there you have it, the opening chapter of our new architectural and lighting division.

We’re very excited and enthusiastic about offering this new range of services to our existing customers, and to new customers who need help with some very interesting and unique projects. The launch of BSC Custom is bringing new creative energy to the whole team here at BSC.

We’re really looking forward to sharing these new projects with you here on the BSC blog.

For more information, or to talk to a project specialist, please give us a call at 303-464-0644 or send us an email by clicking on our Contact section.

BSC Custom is located at 7245 West 116th Place in Broomfield, Colorado.





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