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One of the crucial elements in interior and landscape design is the lighting. Lighting is complex in many ways. It needs to be functional as it often needs to create a mood to accent some spots, and also it needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Besides the light source, lighting fixtures are equally important regarding design and functionality.

So Many Lighting Fixtures to Choose From

custom made pendant light

Beautiful Unique Stick Pendant Lamp made by BSC Custom

Pendant lamps, wall-mounted, free-standing lamps…and each of them can be made as a custom-made piece! Each type of fixture has its own preferred “place“ in a room. Let’s take a closer look at them and see what they would be best for.

Pendant Lamps and Chandeliers

“Ah, a classic!” –someone might say. Pendants and chandeliers work best in a room with higher ceilings. They are often the central lighting piece, whether in a hallway, a living room, or a dining area.

However, the height of each pendant can vary creating a more vibrant and less of the “classic” look (if there is more than one pendant in a room). The materials can also vary from steel to glass to wood, allowing for endless combinations and styles.

Wall-Mounted Lights and Scones

interior wall lamps in Denver

Vail Cascade lighting project, interior wall lamps

These types of lighting fixtures are very versatile to work with and can fit almost anywhere. The tricky part is to have balance in setting them throughout the space since they are often placed in a repetitive mode.

In both residential areas and commercial areas (e.g., hotels), they are used as light spots in long hallways, or as a perfect accent lighting on a wall, especially in bedrooms. More often, they are used to create a subtle lighting, and with a unique custom fabrication, it can become small art pieces on the wall.

Recessed and Track Lights

bar pendant lights in Denver

Venga bar lighting project above bar table

These are very suitable for above counter bars or kitchen counters. Just make sure they are not placed too low and too bright so that they won’t be uncomfortable for the eyes.

Floor Lamps, Desk Lamps

Freestanding lamps, such as floor and desk lamps, are mostly used for a task lighting, for working and reading, whether by the bedside or behind that cozy armchair. Sometimes, however, a low floor lamp in the corner can be the key to creating that relaxed and subtle romantic mood.

Custom-Made Lighting Fixtures are the Best

Unique custom made lighting that is made-to-measure can fit perfectly into a specific space and add value to a particular area. No matter the purpose or the type of lighting fixture, our team at BSC Custom specializes in custom-made fixtures for both commercial and residential spaces, both indoor and outdoor areas! Check out our portfolio and give us a call anytime!

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