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As one of the main elements in every interior or landscape design, lighting should certainly be planned and thought out very carefully. The arrangement of lighting also creates mood and can alter the room ambiance.

Along with the position and intensity of the lighting source, lighting fixtures are certainly creating not just the mood – but also the style of the space!

There are several reasons to choose custom lighting. Sometimes, it is really hard to find the perfect match of lights for a specific interior or exterior design. Sometimes, one simply wants to have a unique custom light fixtures that will add to the aesthetic value of the overall design and space. Other times, custom lighting can be a perfect convergence of a sculptural work of art and lighting design.

360 Monroe 1

Stick Pendant Lamp – 360 Monroe Lighting Project

While designing a certain space, architects think of all the additional elements and details to complete the design, and very often, they have a general (or even specific) idea of what the lighting should be like. It can complement a certain style of the interior or follow a certain decor pattern, or quite the opposite; it can be the accent of an eclectic mix of styles.

With BSC Custom, architects and designers can express and execute their exact ideas and projects through various types of unique lighting fixtures, including pendants, wall lights, sconces, chandeliers, and illuminated architectural elements – both interior and exterior.

Latinicity 1

Latinicity Custom Lighting Project – pendant lamps

The application of such lighting is limitless. BSC Custom has produced custom lighting for many clients, creating unique ambiances for chic cafés and restaurants, hotels, public spaces, and residential spaces. Nevertheless, we are excited to create even more impressive lighting projects for any other place and provide you with valuable advice on cost-saving solutions, materials, and installation procedures.

Bring us your idea or sketch and let us make it a reality for your project!

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