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Planning of a retail space is a complex project that requires creativity, careful pre-planning and strategy. It is one of those commercial spaces where originality and creativity can be displayed through many elements. These elements can serve functional as well as aesthetic purpose. From lighting fixtures to lighting columns, display cabinets, storage space, art installations and many more details in interiors, with specialty fabrication all these elements can be produced and installed accordingly.

Custom Interior Design Elements for Retail Spaces

Custom made elements, both architectural (structural) and decorative are key components in creating a unique space with its own identity. The advantages of specially fabricated components are known to many architects and designers that wish to create a one-of-a-kind interior. Custom-made components are made to fit in the overall specific design concept when the serially (mass) produced elements won’t be suitable for the given space.

brown palace interior with custom lighting

Custom lighting is definitely one of the key features in a shop. Depending on the type of the store, you may go for general lighting with no accents, or play with light accents and highlight some parts or products. Wall cones, pending fixture, chandeliers, or lighted columns can find their way, depending on the original project.

Other important elements are the showcases and this is where the highlight often comes. With BSC Custom, each detail of these can be produced, whether from glass, metalwork, wood, etc… Same goes for reception bars, seating areas, and anything that is included in your interior project.

Window Shop Display

The visual impression is imperative for customer’s attention. And often it is captured by window shopping. Window displays are a huge chance to attract passersby and in a way, to show the quality and finesse of your store or brand. For example, the background of the window shop display can be a custom-made original panel, a lamp or light spots can be also strategically placed for an enhanced impression.  And, of course, custom-made signage will complete the image of your brand!

planning an interior

Experts For Custom Fabrication

Our team at BSC Custom firmly believes in and practices collaboration with architects, designers, engineers, and developers. Together, with our long-year experience and expertise, in our facilities, we can create the elements that will transform your retails space to in an enjoyable, unique ambient for your customers! Check our portfolio or call us!



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